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Waveriders has “potential to be a cult hit”

Thursday, March 26th, 2009

Cult Hit? We hoped for a lot of things when making Waveriders, so to think it could generate a cult following would be incredible. Ben Hopkins, writing in CLASH magazine, reckons that could be the likely future for the film. Fingers crossed eh?

We’ve been stoked by some more positive reviews, so we thought we’d share them.

Really pleased that some of the final scenes in the movie have seem to have made the impression we were looking for.

“Raw and exhilarating,  director Joel Conroy harnesses something intangible: the spiritual purity that lures extreme surfers to the ocean. The final breathtaking images, captured in the maw of an angry ocean, still linger large in my mind.” - Paul Lynch, Sunday Tribune

“Waveriders effortlessly portrays surfing’s spirit of adventure and community, making the film as much about nature, in both the human and geographical context, as it is about the sport. Conroy creates a genuine desire to throw on a duffle coat and run for the blissfully unspoilt Irish coasts. As Slater comments, Ireland’s a rather cold paradise.” - HUCK MAGAZINE

“Waveriders still has the potential to be a cult hit.” - Ben Hopkins, CLASH

“Waveriders, the most unique and visually stunning documentary of its genre to have been made in decades.” - DAZED & CONFUSED

“A film that tells the story of surfing in Ireland with inspiring tales of its pioneers, a rocking soundtrack and beautiful cinematography. The vast wave at ‘Aileens’, below the cliffs of Moher, is the dramatic climax to a film heralding Ireland’s emergence as one of Europe’s top surf destinations.” - CONDE NAST TRAVELLER

“The resulting footage is among some of the most breathtaking and frankly terrifying film of surf ever shot, quite literally awesome.” - SIGHT & SOUND

As always, if you’ve come across any more reviews we’ve missed, share in the comments below.

Reviews for Waveriders keep rolling in

Sunday, March 15th, 2009

So we’ll admit that we’re pretty humbled by some of the positive reviews we’ve received for Waveriders. When we set out to make this movie we obviously hoped it would hit the right notes. We want you to see our movie. So if you need reviews to convince you, well here you go.

“Entertaining and thought-provoking… creates a genuine desire to throw on a duffle coat and run for the blissfully unspoilt Irish coasts” - Matt Bochenski, Huck Magazine

“Stirring… intriguing” – Tara Brady, Hot Press

“A remarkable film that will be of interest to surfers and non-surfers alike.” - Totally Dublin

“Godzilla waves and surfers gliding down their devastating crests… [Waveriders] explores an unlikely surfing mecca” - Pavel Barter, The Sunday Times

“…overpowering…  deserves to take its place alongside earlier classics such as Riding Giants and The Endless Summer.  The film deserves to be seen on a big screen.” - Donald Clarke, The Irish Times

Seen more reviews online or elsewhere? Feel free to drop them in the comments below. Or if you’ve already caught Waveriders, pen your own quick review.

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