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Waveriders Assets

Waveriders 1sheet Waveriders 1sheet (13Mb JPEG)
Waveders 1sheet (4MB PDF)
Waveriders Quad Waveriders Quad (4Mb JPEG)
Waveriders Quad (4Mb PDF)
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Production Notes Word Document (2MB DOC)

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Cast & Crew


Chris, Dan and Keith Malloy - California

High Quality (jpg - 601 KB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 95 KB)


Daniel Trapp, Joel Conroy, Gabe Davies & Richard Fitzgerald - California

High Quality (jpg - 871 KB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 108 KB)


Gabe Davies & Easkey Britton - Co. Clare

High Quality (jpg - 1.8 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 93 KB)


Gabe Davies, Richard Fitzgerald, Chris Malloy - Doolan, Co. Clare

High Quality (jpg - 5.03 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 92 KB)


Gabe Davies surfing at Aileens - Co. Clare

High Quality (jpg - 3.5 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 103 KB)


Keith & Chris Malloy at Doolin Harbour - Co. Clare

High Quality (jpg - 2.29 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 63 KB)


Keith & Chris Malloy near the cliffs of Moher - Co. Clare

High Quality (jpg - 2.2 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 62 KB)


Kelly Slater

High Quality (jpg - 1.82 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 63 KB)


Kelly Slater on location in Easkey - Co. Sligo

High Quality (jpg - 1.92 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 93 KB)


Richard Fitzgerald, Chris Malloy, Gabe Davies & Keith Malloy - Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare

High Quality (jpg - 2.83 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 90 KB)


Richard Fitzgerald, Gabe Davies & Chris Malloy

High Quality (jpg - 4.07 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 221 KB)


Richard Fitzgerald, Gabe Davies, Chris Malloy & Keith Malloy - Doolin, Co. Clare

High Quality (jpg - 9.84 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 62 KB)


Richard Fitzgerald surfing at Aileens - Co. Clare

High Quality (jpg - 2.28 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 103 KB)



Cast Photos

Joel Conroy - Director

Writer Director - Joel Conroy

High Quality (jpg - 267 KB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 67 KB)

Margo Harkin - Producer

Producer - Margo Harkin

High Quality (jpg - 1.28 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 77 KB)

Lauren Davies - Writer

Co-Writer - Lauren Davies

High Quality (jpg - 1.02 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 84 KB)

Richard Fitzgerald

Richard Fitzgerald

High Quality (jpg - 685 KB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 89 KB)

Gabe Davies

Gabe Davies

High Quality (jpg - 3.16 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 74 KB)

Chris, Keith & Dan Malloy

Chris, Keith & Dan Malloy

High Quality (jpg - 601 KB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 81 KB)

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater

High Quality (jpg - 1.78 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 72 KB)

George Freeth

George Freeth

High Quality (jpg - 145 KB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 71 KB)

Kevin Naughton & Kevin Craig

Kevin Naughton & Kevin Craig

High Quality (jpg - 651 KB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 73 KB)

Drew Kampion

Drew Kampion

High Quality (jpg - 665 KB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 79 KB)

Arthur Verge

Arthur Verge

High Quality (jpg - 783 KB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 76 KB)

Easkey Britton

Easkey Britton

High Quality (jpg - 2.24 MB)

Medium Quality (jpg - 81 KB)

Audio Files

Waveriders Trailer audio (Download Wav, Aif)
Richie Fitzgerald talking about Irish surfing and clips of him surfing. (Download Wav, Aif)
Gabe Davies talking about Ireland and surfing. (Download Wav, Aif)
Kevin Naughton journey & interview. (Download Wav, Aif)
Richie Fitzgerald talking about Kelly Slater (9 times World Champion) and then he talks about surfing competition. (Download Wav, Aif)
Kelly Slater talking about Ireland and what its like to surf in Ireland. (Download Wav, Aif)
Richard Fitzgerald talking about big wave surfing in Ireland. (Download Wav, Aif)
The Molloy Brothers (Keith & Chris) talking about surfing in Ireland. (Download Wav, Aif)

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