Richard Fitzgerald: Waveriders Cast Bio


Richard Fitzgerald, Surfer

Richard was born and raised in Bundoran, County Donegal, which has become known as a world-class surfing destination largely due to Richard’s role as an ambassador and best known face of Irish surfing.

Having represented Ireland at both World and European Championships, Richard chose not to pursue a competitive surfing career and concentrated on soul surfing and owning and managing the West Coast’s first and leading surf shop, Surfworld.

Richard first met Gabriel Davies while surfing in Donegal at the age of thirteen and the two developed a close bond, which has seen them become Ireland’s premiere big wave surfing partnership.  Richard was the co-lead character in Eye of the Storm, directed by Joel Conroy in 2003, which aired on RTE to critical acclaim. Richard also appeared alongside the Malloy Brothers in the surfing documentary, Step Into Liquid, directed by Dana Brown in 2003.

Richard is featured devoting his time to the cross border integration scheme that attempts to integrate children from the North and South of Ireland through surfing.  Richard has been featured worldwide in the mainstream and surfing Press.

He faced the biggest surfing challenge of his life on the final day of filming Waveriders, surfing the biggest swell ever attempted off Ireland, to become Ireland’s most renowned big wave surfer.

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