Gabe Davies: Waveriders Cast Bio


Gabe Davies, Surfer

GABRIEL DAVIES from Newcastle in the North East of England is Britain’s most successful big wave surfer.  After turning professional at the age of seventeen, Gabriel left the icy waters of the North Sea to embark on a career that has seen him surf every ocean in the world.  His exploits were documented early on in the BBC2 Video Diary Wet Dreams, which was watched by an audience of millions.  Gabriel also co-presented the Channel 4 series Surf Trip with Tess Daly.

Gabriel has won four British surfing titles, numerous English titles and has represented his nation at the World and European Championships.  Moving beyond competition surfing, Gabriel then carved a niche for himself in the challenging pursuit of big wave surfing and has divided much of his time between the west coast of Ireland and Hawaii, training to surf waves several storeys high.

Gabriel first worked with Director Joel Conroy to make Eye of the Storm in 2003, which followed Gabriel’s pioneering attempts to tow into Ireland’s biggest waves with the help of a jet-ski alongside Gabriel’s friend and tow-in partner, Richard Fitzgerald from Co. Donegal.

While filming Waveriders, Gabriel surfed the biggest wave ever ridden in Ireland and the resulting photograph was nominated for the Billabong XXL Big Wave of the Year Award 2008.  Gabriel won the H3O Surfstock ‘biggest wave of the year’ award 2008.

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