Chris, Keith & Dan Malloy: Waveriders Cast bio


Chris, Keith & Dan Malloy: Surfers

The MALLOY BROTHERS from Ventura, California are all well respected and successful professional surfers, filmmakers and environmentalists.  All three brothers are ambassadors for the environmental surf brand Patagonia and have a hand in designing environmentally sound wetsuits, apparel and accessories.  This awareness for the environment also extends into their everyday life to the extent that the brothers drive cars powered by vegetable oil.

The Malloys formed the company The Moonshine Conspiracy along with their cousin, Emmet Malloy and world famous singer, Jack Johnson to produce films and music that would bring them worldwide success.  The brothers share a passion for Ireland where their paternal grandmother was born before she made the journey to America by boat.

The Malloys have spent years exploring uncharted waters around the Irish coast to find empty, world-class waves.  They featured in the Irish section of the 2003 blockbuster surf film Step Into Liquid and then returned to Irish waters to film Waveriders.

DAN MALLOY is the youngest of the three brothers and lives in Ventura overlooking the ocean.  Dan was a successful competition surfer, finishing second in the US Open in 2000 but after competing on the World Qualifying Series, he chose to focus on the travels that would help to make his mark in films and the international Press.

Dan is an intrepid traveller, favouring such challenging destinations as Liberia for his surf trips.  At over six feet tall and with model looks, he modelled for Ralph Lauren in New York but quickly returned to his true passion of surfing and appearing in films alongside his brothers.

KEITH MALLOY was the most successful contest surfer of the three brothers, qualifying for the elite top forty-four World Championship Tour.  However, Keith also chose to concentrate on his favoured niche in the surfing world of travelling and filmmaking.

Keith is a consummate waterman who enjoys marathon paddling expeditions between the Hawaiian Islands he often called home before settling in Ventura.  He has appeared in numerous films as himself, including Thicker Than Water, Step Into Liquid and The Buried Life directed by Brad Tiemann, which is currently in post-production.  Keith also recently doubled for Matthew McConaughey for a Hollywood surfing production.

CHRIS MALLOY, the eldest brother, was taught to surf at the age of five by his father who also instilled in him a desire to search for uncrowded, unridden waves.  He started the hugely successful surf accessory line OAM and was driven to become a filmmaker when a serious surfing injury in Hawaii left him incapacitated.

Chris directed the first Moonshine Conspiracy film, Thicker Than Water and the recent hit Brokedown Melody featuring the music of Jack Johnson and Eddie Vedder.  He also appeared as himself in Step Into Liquid.  Chris is a renowned big wave surfer and was invited to surf the prestigious Eddie Aikau big wave event at Waimea Bay in Hawaii.

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