Surf spot: The Peak, Bundoran, Donegal

Bundoran is often referred to as a ‘Ireland’s Surfing Capital’. The towns coastal area is blessed with a large range and variety of beach, reef and point breaks. From the World class reef break of the Peak to the ever consistent Tullan Strand, Bundoran has a suitable wave for all styles and levels of surfer

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The Peak, Bundoran

The Peak is Ireland’s best known wave. It is situated 150 yards off the shore in the middle of town and is clearly visible from the Bradog river bridge. It’s a perfect ‘Peak’ with a left and right running down the reef either side. The left is longer with more sections and the right is shorter and hollower.

The Peak is suited to the more experienced surfer, because of its shallow breaking hollow nature. It works best at low to mid tide on the push. It starts to break at 2-3 foot and it can handle triple overhead waves. The Peak is best on an offshore wind but can be loads of fun on a light onshore making the sections super smackable.

The peak has played host to countless surfing contests and events over the last 3 decades… examples include the European Surfing Championships in 1997 and the Quiksilver World Masters in 2001. Most of the world’s best surfers, including Kelly Slater and Tom Curran, have scored some great rides on the Peak.

Things to watch out for

  • The Peak is a reef and breaks over shallow rock. Being an experienced surfer is vital to tackle this wave.
  • The Peak has a solid local crew of surfers, so show respect and you will receive it back.

Have you been to The Peak yet? Share your experiences of riding Ireland’s best known wave in the comments below…


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