Surf spot: PMPA Point, Bundoran, Donegal

Bundoran is often referred to as a ‘Ireland’s Surfing Capital’. The towns coastal area is blessed with a large range and variety of beach, reef and point breaks. From the World class reef break of the Peak, to the ever consistent Tullan Strand, Bundoran has a wave for all styles and levels of surfer

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PMPA is situated at the south end of the bay. It boosts a freight train stand up left-handed barrel. PMPA is definitely for experts only. It’s a very shallow slab of rock onto reef with a vertical takeoff and dredging tube all the way to the end of the reef… or “Wilsie’s corner”, as the locals call it.

PMPA is very popular with local and visiting surfers alike. It can get busy with surfers, body boarders and water photographers all trying to ride or capture one of its cavernous pits. It breaks best on a straight west swell on a high tide and offshore wind.

Things to watch out for

  • PMPA is a very shallow wave and claims its fair share of broken boards and broken skin every year.
  • The wave allows very little room for error and is not a place you go to practice your turns.

No prizes for guessing why it’s actually called ‘PMPA point’…


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